Isuzu Industrial Engine AA-6SD1T Workshop Manual

This Workshop Manual has been prepared as a guide for the service and repair of the Model AA-6SD1T diesel engine. A general table of contents is shown on the following page, and more detailed subsections are listed at the beginning of each respective chapter.

This manual was first prepared in April, 2001, but subsequent changes in design may result in  modifications to certain values and other information in this Manual.


  • Use the Table of Contents at the beginning of the Manual to find the general areas required.
  • Common technical data such as general maintenance, repair specifications, and tightening torques are listed in the General Information chapter.
  • Each chapter is composed of “disassembly, inspection” and “repair, assembly” sections, the only exception is the treatment of the engine body itself, which is divided into three independent chapters for ease of explanation.
  • When similar maintenance procedures are applicable to multiple operations or parts, the manual will cross-reference the page where the appropriate information can be found.
  • To provide brevity and conciseness, simple disassembly and repair operations are omitted, while more space is devoted to explaining complex procedures such as adjustments and tightening torques.
  • The descriptions given in each chapter begin with an exploded diagram of the applicable parts, with numbers indicated as shown below.
  • Measurements are indicated by “standard” or “limit”;

a “standard” value refers to the standard values at time of assembly.

A “limit” value is a maximum or minimum; measurements up to that value are usable.

Measurements falling beyond that value mean the part must be serviced, adjusted, or replaced.

  • Directional indications adopted within this manual are as follows;

Front: Toward the cooling fan when viewed from the flywheel side.

Right: Toward the fuel injection pump when viewed from the flywheel side.

Left: Toward the exhaust manifold when viewed from the flywheel side.

Rear: Toward the engine’s flywheel side.

  • “Cylinder numbers” and “Engine rotation direction”: Cylinder numbers are counted in sequence beginning form the front side of the engine.

As a result, the first cylinder at the very front of the engine is cylinder No. 1, while the last cylinder toward the rear is cylinder. The direction of engine rotation is clockwise when viewed from the cooling fan side.

  • “ASM” is an abbreviation for “assembly.


  • Chapter 1 General Information
  • Chapter 2 Maintenance
  • Chapter 3 Engine I (Disassembly)
  • Chapter 4 Engine II (Inspection and Repair)
  • Chapter 5 Engine III (Assembly)
  • Chapter 6 Lubricating System
  • Chapter 7 Cooling system
  • Chapter 8 Fuel System
  • Chapter 9 Turbocharger
  • Chapter 10 Engine Electrical
  • Chapter 11 Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 12 Special Tools
  • Chapter 13 Repair Standard

Before using this manual to perform maintenance and repairs, be sure to read the section “General Servicing Precautions” included in Chapter 1 (General Information).

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 243

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