Indiglo Dimmer Install

I am no way responsible for any damages or injuries caused by doing these modifications.  WORK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

Indiglo Dimmer Install

Remove your gauge cluster and locate the plug with three connections on it (mine was blue). It usually goes into the lower left side of the gauge cluster. Connect a piece of wire to the solid red wire in this connector. To be safe, check it and make sure you have the right wire, it should read 0V with lights full on, some +V with them in other positions. Connect this piece of wire to the ground wire on the indiglo module (the little black box). If it was already connected to a ground, detach it.

Now find your switch for the indiglos. Find the wire bundle leading to the rotary dimmer switch. Cut it off somewhere before the switch. There should be two small wires in the bundle, connect them together.

You’re done! The dimmer switch on your dash should now work for your indiglos! Rejoice and put your dash back together or you can also hard-wired the blue/green switch to be blue all the time. If you want to do this, just connect the 2 wires connected to the middle of the switch to the corresponding wires on the side of the switch you want to be on all the time. This way the indiglo switches are eliminated completely.

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