How to Remove all Badging

Give your car a smooth clean look by removing all of the badging. Not only will your car look cleaner, but it will be easier to wash, dry and wax because you won’t have those pesky badges that get in your way and snag your rags. This is a very simple procedure that just takes a little time and patience.
  • Standard fishing line – preferably some strong stuff
  • “Goo Gone”, “De-Solv-It” or similar sticky residue remover
  • Plastic putty knife or scrapper
  • Cleaning wax – I recommend Meguiars
  • Possibly a hair dryer
$5 – $10 if you don’t already have the materials lying around the house
The step by step instructions… Sorry I don’t have any pictures to go along with these ones.
Step One
Cut off about a 1 foot piece of fishing line. Wrap the ends around your index fingers so that there is about 6 inches left in between, and you can pull the line tight.
Slide the line behind the badge you wish to remove. Slide the line up and down behind the badge to saw through the badges backing material. If the material is hard to saw through, you may wish to heat it with a hair dryer to soften it up a bit. This is optional – I didn’t find a need for it.
Step Three
Saw back and forth until you have made you way all the way to the other side of the badge. The badge should then fall off.
Step Four
Now you will be left with a mess off goo and backing material still on the car. Time to break out the Goo Gone.
Step Five
Spray the remover on the remains of the badge and let it soak in for a minute. Then get out the Plastic scraper and carefully scrape off the remaining material. Even though you are using plastic, you still must be careful not to gouge or scratch the paint.
Step Six
Now that you have the majority of the material removed, there will still probably be a distinct outline of where the badge was. Polish it up using some cleaner wax. Cleaner wax is basically regular wax with some slight abrasives in it to remove contaminants, remove scratches and polish the paint.
That’s it. After a few coats of wax, you should barely (if at all) be able to tell that there was a badge there. Now its time to do the rest of those badges! Have fun :)