Harley-Davidson Super Glide Electra Glide 1980 Service Manual

This service and repair manual has been prepared with two purposes in mind. First, it will acquaint the reader with the construction of the Harley-Davidson product and assist him in performing basic maintenance and repair. Secondly, il will introduce to the professional Harley-Davidson mechanic the latest field-tested and factory-approved major repaii methods. We sincerely believe that this manual will make your association with Harley-Davidson products more plea sant and profitable.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles produced after January 1, 1978, conform to all applicable U.S.A. Federa Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and U.S.A. Environmental Protection Agency regulations effective on the date of manufacture.

To maintain the safety, dependability and emission control performance it is essential that the  procedures, specifications and service instructions in this manual are followed.

Any substitution, alteration or adjustment of emission system components outside of factory specifications may be prohibited by law.

Greetings and thanks for helping us with our own vintage American motorcycle restoration projects. We hope this manual will assist you with yours.

Our personal recommendation is to take this CD to your local office supply store and have a paper copy printed out for use on your work bench. Then save a format copy on your computer & store the original CD in a safe place. I have found that this is also a nice way to carry your manuals on road trips….just so they wont be needed (kind of like taking an umbrella so it wont rain). You can even put them on a USB jump-drive.

Keep the shiny side up and the rubber side down !



The information in this manual applies to the 1978’/г to 1980 FL/FLH/FX/FXE/FXEF/FXS Models manufactured after January 1, 1978.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 185

Harley-Davidson Super Glide Electra Glide 1980 Service Manual