Great Wall. Maintenance Manual of GW 2.8TC Turbo Diesel Engine

The main technical parameters troubleshooting maintenance dis mounting adjustment repair and so on of GW 2 8TC turbo — diesel engine arc detailed introduced in this manual It can be used as working basis for the maintenance workers and repaimen of the lurbo — diesel engine.

GW 2. 8ТС turbo —diesel engine is a product developed based upon the GW 2. STD I turbo—diesel engine Apart firm following characteristic such as lower noise better economу starting quickly at lew  temperature excellent perfomance both at high and at lew speeds, lightweight compact and high reliability 111 is type turbo — diesel engine also has more powerful efficiency and achieve the standard of Euro III miission.

GW 2. 8TC turbo — diesel engine adopts CRS 2. 0 high —pressure fuel rail fuel supply system firm BOSCH С of Gemany. This fuel supply Systran consists of various sensors ECU, various actuators and connecting harness. The fuel supplying pressure of the system is 145 MPa and BOSCH EDC16C39 type electric control unit (ECU) will autematical|y control tinc Urol — supplying course Apart firm direct controlling relevant actuators within fuel supply system, ECU also controls other systems working course such as EGR system, air conditioner systan, electric fan systan and so forth concerned the operation of diesel engine.

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