Great Wall Hover Service Repair Manual

Great Wall Hover Service Manual PDF. Since the Great Wall Hover is put into the market, it has won the favor from the customers for its elegant appearance, excellent performance&price ratio,concept of double area and eternal safety.The car is furnished with Mitsubishi 4G64 engine.It has both the type of five shifts manual transmission and the type of automatic transmission as an option. At the same time, there are also options of ABS and safety airbag, etc.

Before of its complex structure, high technical intervention and difficulty of maintenance, its maintenance needs the reference of related documents. Upon the request of the after-sale maintenance technical personnel of Great Wall, we have prepared this Hover Maintenance Manual. The manual is oriented towards the aftersale maintenance technical personnel of the Great Wall, and mainly introduces the disassembly of the various systems of Hover (refer to the maintenance manual of motor for the introduction of the motor), the troubleshooting, matters needing attention for maintenance and the related technical parameters. During the preparation of this book, a lot of professional personnel have given support and help, here we would like to express our sincere thanks.

Though we have made efforts to prepare this manual earnestly, we cannot guarantee that the content in the manual is totally accurate and without error. The user cannot raise improper request to the Great Wall Company with the manual as legal basis. We cannot bear any responsibility for the losses caused by using this manual. Confined to the knowledge of the editor, the fault and errors are inevitable, your advice and comment are appreciated.


  • Instruction How to use the manual
  • Chapter 1 Overview of the entire car (parameters)
  • Chapter 2 Fuel supply system and exhaust air system
  • Chapter 3 Clutch
  • Chapter 4 Transmission
  • Chapter 5 Automatic transmission
  • Chapter 6 Driving shaft
  • Chapter 7 Suspension and vehicle axle
  • Chapter 8 Brake (ABS)
  • Chapter 9 Steering
  • Chapter 10 Car body electric appliance
  • Chapter 11 CD player and air-conditioning system
  • Chapter 12 Safety airbag


  • Important components guarantee and requirement
  • List of non-metal material consumption
  • Special tools
  • Important working components and tightening torque
  • Electric wiring diagram

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 425

Great Wall Hover Service Repair Manual