Geely MK 2008 Workshop Manual

2008 Geely MK Workshop Manual PDF. Geely “MK” series sedans ( JL7132U, JL7132HU, JL7152U, JL7152HU, JL7162U ) are brand new superior models developed by Geely Group who has fully proprietary intellectual property rights. As a result of the three years of involvements and efforts of the experts from Geely Automobile Research Institute, these sedans reach international leading level in model design, power, sense of comfort, safety and manufacturing technology while featured in beautiful appearance, economy, environment protection and safety. The meaning of MK implied that Geely Automobile has a great development from caterpillar to butterfly. With respect to the power, Geely “MK” series sedans are equipped with 1.3L, 1.5L, and 1.6L EFI engines developed and manufactured by Geely itself, and has reached “Chinese III” (Euro III) emission standard.

This manual contains a detailed description of the structures and principles, servicing and adjustment, removal, assembling technology and matching clearance of the parts of the Geely “MK” sedans with torque information of the bolts and nuts as well as schematic diagram for special tool operation. This manual also introduces the transmission control system of the automatic transmission models, vehicle electric circuits and elaborates ABS system, SRS, BOSCH M7.9.7 electronic control fuel injection and ignition system, rear parking radar, sound, air conditioning and onboard hands-free phone system. You can refer to this manual for the information about the regular maintenance,
servicing, adjustment, troubleshooting, removal and installation procedure, specific operations of the “MK” sedans.

This manual covers the matching relation among the engine assembly, transmission assembly and the vehicle, but does not have the further description of the structures and principles of the engine and transmission assemblies and their servicing process. You can refer to the service manuals solely prepared for engine assembly and transmission assembly for these information. All information in this manual is based on the latest products released at the time of publication of this manual. However, the specifications and procedures may need to be modified, and the subsequent change will be revealed in later versions.

This manual is prepared by Geely Automobile Research Institute under the assistance of technical staff from Zhejiang Geely Automobile Co., Ltd and Geely International Corporation. Readers discovering during the use of this manual the errors and careless omissions due to limited skills of the preparers and tight schedule are encouraged and pled to contact Geely International in time for our timely correction of the mistakes.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 416

Geely MK 2008 Workshop Manual