Geely FC 2008 Workshop Manual

2008 Geely FC Workshop Manual PDF. Geely “FC” is an automobile with high performance/price ratio and it meets the requirement of national safety, energy saving, emission regulations and personal use. This automobile is a completely new and excellent model produced by Zhejiang Geely Automobile Co., Ltd with development in self-reliance of Geely group and with self-dominated intellectual property right. It characterizes elegant appearance, energy conservation and environmental protection, safety and comfort. “FC” is a product opening a completely new viewpoint of automobile selection, because it is developed on the basis of creative design thinking that breaks through all established customs and it features perfectly balanced performance of power, space, safety, manipulation and comfort. “FC” is a competitive product for Geely developing brand and exploring mid-level automobile market, which takes over the company philosophy “make good cars that common people can afford, and let Geely cars go to the whole world” of Geely automobile. “FC” is combination of creativity and intelligence of quite a large number of automobile experts, who have been developing and searching with great concentration for more than 30 months, and it fully embodies persistent Geely style of fashion appearance and high performance/price ratio.

“FC” is equipped with engine JL4G18 completely developed and produced by Geely group. Engine JL4G18 applies the following advanced technology such as VVT, full aluminum cylinder body, plastic intake manifold, completely new VVT inside seal method, completely new OCV valve filtering method etc. with M7.9.7 electric injection system of BOSCH, and its index on power efficiency, economical efficiency, and safety efficiency etc. reaches leading level of national model with the same type. This engine features strong power, low fuel consumption, low noise and high power per liter etc.

We start to compile “FC” Automobile Maintenance Manual, which is divided into 27 sections with detailed description of overall structure and maintenance of engine 4G18.VVT; inspection and repair of engine BOSCH M7.9.7 electric control fuel injection system; structure and maintenance of chassis; structure and maintenance of FC electrical equipment; structure and maintenance of ABS anti-lock brake system; structure and maintenance of SRS air bag; structure and maintenance of auto air conditioning system; structure and maintenance of vehicle body etc. Information is detailed and accurate, contents are in systematic coherence and description is concise and comprehensive.

This manual is compiled from structure, which prompts “FC” service personnel to master necessary maintenance, repair and malfunction knowledge on the basis of understanding main structure characteristics and simple principle of vision automobile. Electric control system of “FC” automobile is particularly described with detail, and detailed steps and methods are given for trouble shooting process. All kinds of malfunction could be eliminated quickly and efficiently within the shortest time as long as you detect as the repair steps of this manual. In addition, this manual is compiled with the following characteristics: in proper sequence, clear demarcations, easy to understand, excellent in picture and its accompanying essay, simple and clear, which is very applicable for a quite large number of “FC” automobile maintenance technicians and service personnel to refer to.

This manual is mainly compiled by Geely International Corporation; Geely Automobile Engine No. 2 Plant and engineering technicians of service corporation help complete this work. Defects and mistakes are inevitable in this manual for limited level of compiler and limited time, please contact Geely International Corporation if you find mistakes and careless omissions in using and we can correct in time and reverse in next version.


This manual is mainly for qualified vehicle technicians, but it does not include all items on repair and maintenance. In order to avoid personnel injury and vehicle damage caused by dangerous operation, please observe the following regulations.

  • Please read this manual carefully, and particularly fully master all contents in “Precautions”.
  • Maintenance methods described in the manual are quite useful for vehicle maintenance. Please adopt specified or recommended tools in maintaining vehicle as steps described in this manual; maintaining vehicle with tools or methods not specified or recommended in this manual will cause personnel injury or vehicle damage. Therefore, please consider ensuring the safety of technicians and vehicle at first before performing maintenance.
  • If it is necessary to replace parts, please replace with parts of the same or similar size with original ones. It is forbidden to use inferior parts.
  • In order to effectively avoid technician injury and vehicle damage and hidden danger caused by incorrect operation, it is very important to observe “Warning” and “Notes” in this manual. It particularly needs to mention that not all precautions on safety are included in “Warning” and “Notes” etc. in this manual. Therefore, please fully realize that perform maintenance not as regulations will cause dangerous consequences.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 419

Geely FC 2008 Workshop Manual