Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 1985 Service Repair Manual

The Sierra RS Cosworth is the latest product of Ford’s long and fruitful collaboration with Cosworth, developers of some of the worlds most famous competition engines.

In addition to the 16 valve engine the Sierra RS Cosworth includes a considerable number of new components and systems, all designed to make it the most exciting and exhilarating saloon car ever sold by Ford.

This Technician Information has been developed to inform you, the Service Technician, about these new components and systems and their maintenance requirements.

More detailed information is included in the Special Workshop Manual on the Cosworth RS Sierra.

The mid-size Ford Sierra, which debuted in 1982, stood out as progressive for its time and aerodynamic design. Rear-wheel drive car was offered with a three-and five-door hatchback and wagon. Over the years, the Sierra was equipped with gasoline four-cylinder engines of 1.3–2.0 liters (60–125 hp) and a V-shaped 2.3 liters (114 hp.) Diesel engines had two: an atmospheric 2.3 ( 67 hp) and 1.8 turbo power of 75 forces.

The 150-horsepower V6 2.8 engine was installed on the most powerful version of the Ford Sierra XR4i, and in 1985 the all-wheel-drive version of the XR4 × 4 appeared with the same power unit (later with a 2.9-liter capacity of 145 hp.) In 1986, the model range added even more “hot” option with the RS Cosworth nameplate, equipped with a two-liter turbo engine, developing 204 liters. with.

Also with a circulation of 500 copies, the 225-liter version was released. with. In addition, the Sierra XR8 with an eight-cylinder engine was small-scale produced in South Africa, and in the American market a powerful version was sold under a separate brand Merkur.

In 1987, the model was restyled, making the appearance of the car more restrained, then a sedan appeared in the model range. In 1993, the Sierra gave way to the Ford Mondeo. In total, more than 2.7 million cars were produced at factories in Germany, Belgium, Great Britain, South Africa, Venezuela, New Zealand and Argentina.


  • General
  • PART A – Engine, Engine Management and Turbocharger
    • The Ford Cosworth Engine
    • The Electronic Engine Management
    • The Turbocharger
    • Maintenance, Service Adjustments and System Checks
    • Technical Data – Part A
  • PART В – Transmission and Rear Axle
    • Transmission
    • Rear Axle and Suspension
    • Technical Data – Part В
  • PART C – Front Axle and Suspension
  • PART D – Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS)
    • General Description
    • The Sierra RS Cosworth Anti-Lock Braking System
    • Technical Data
  • PART E – Body Features, Wheels and Tyres
    • Exterior dress up, Wheels and Tyres
    • Interior Features

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 253

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth 1985 Service Repair Manual