Ford Ranger 2001 Overhaul Manual

This Manual explains the disassembly, inspection, repair, and reassembly procedures for the above-indicated engines and manual transmissions. In order to do these procedures safely, quickly, and
correctly, you must first read this manual and any other relevant service materials carefully.

The information in this manual is current up to November 2001. Any changes that occur after that time will not be reflected in this particular manual. Therefore, the contents of this manual may not exactly
match the mechanism that you are currently servicing.

This manual is applicable to vehicles beginning with the Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) shown on the following page.

The third generation of the Ford Ranger pickup, developed by the Australian branch of the company, debuted in 2011; automobiles are manufactured by factories in Thailand, South Africa and Argentina. The car is sold in many countries in Asia, Africa, South America, Australia, and until 2015 the model was supplied to the Russian market.

The pickup has a traditional design for such cars: a frame, spring rear suspension, rear wheel drive or rigidly connected four-wheel drive with locking rear differential and a reduction gear. Customers are offered a version with a half or a double cabin.

The Ranger is fitted with 2.2-liter (125–160 hp) and 3.2 liter (200 hp) turbodiesels, and in some markets there is also a version with a 2.5-liter gasoline engine 167 forces. Gearbox – manual or automatic, six-speed.

Sales of the Ford Ranger pickup in Russia were completed in 2015 due to the growth in foreign exchange rates and the general market decline. In total, approximately 2,700 copies of the model sold in the domestic market. We offered both gasoline and diesel cars at a price of 1.4 million rubles.

In 2015, the Ranger was seriously modernized: the design of the pickup truck and its interior changed, a new instrument panel and multimedia system appeared in the cabin, the list of options was expanded, and an electric amplifier was used instead of the power steering.

The Ford Ranger pickup has an analogue – the Mazda BT-50 model, and the Ford Everest SUV was created on the same platform.


  • General Information
  • Engine B1
  • Engine WL, WL Turbo
  • Engine F2
  • Manual transmission
    • M15M–D
    • M15MX–D
  • Manual transmission
    • R15M–D
    • R15MX–D
  • Transfer
  • Technical Data
  • Special Tools

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 129

Ford Ranger 2001 Overhaul Manual