Error codes Mercedes Atego MTCO unit (Mechanical Tachograph)

A tachograph is a vehicle-mounted device that automatically records the driver’s activity, as well as its speed and distance, selected from the selected mode. The driving mode is automatically activated when the vehicle is moving, and modern tachograph heads usually default to other working modes when stopped. The remaining modes and availability modes can be manually selected by the driver at rest.

Mercedes Fault Code Fault Code Meaning
TCO 0000 The positioning of the tachograms is violated.
TCO 0004 Power failure
TCO 1000 CAN malfunction
TCO 1100 CAN malfunction
TCO 1200 Internal error
TCO 1400 Tachograph calibration is incorrect.
TCO 1500 Malfunction in the control panel
TCO 1600 Malfunction in the control panel
TCO 1704 CAN connection to INS (instrument cluster) malfunctioning
TCO 3408 Malfunction of the speed sensor
TCO 3504 Malfunction of the speed sensor
TCO 4804 Malfunction of the speed output
TCO 8000 Driving without a tachogram
TCO 8100 Driver 1 tachogram missing.
TCO 8200 Driver 2 tachogram missing.
TCO 8300 Synchronization could not be started.
TCO 9000 Positioning of tachograms is broken.
TCO 9600 The functioning of the drawer is broken.
TCO 9700 Faulty speed registration
TCO 9800 Faulty recording system
TCO 9900 Faulty recording system