DEUTZ D 2008/2009 Workshop Manual (0312 3422 en)

Read and observe the information in this documentation. You will avoid accidents, retain the manufacturer’s warranty and possess a fully functional and ready to operate engine.

This engine is built exclusively for purpose according to the scope of delivery – defined by the equipment manufacturer (use for the intended purpose). Any use above and beyond this is considered improper use. The manufacturer will not be liable for damages resulting from this. The user bears the sole risk.

Use for the intended purpose also includes observance of the operating, maintenance and repair instructions specified by the manufacturer. The engine may only be used, maintained and
repaired by persons who are familiar with this and are aware of the risks involved.

Make sure that this documentation is available to everyone involved in the operation, maintenance and repair and that they have understood the contents.

Failure to observe this documentation may lead to malfunctions and engine damage as well as injury to persons for which the manufacturer will not accept any liability.

Prerequisite for proper maintenance and repair is the availability of all the necessary equipment, conventional and special tools and their perfect condition.

Engine parts such as springs, clamps, elastic retaining rings etc. pose an increased risk of injury when handled incorrectly.

The pertinent rules for the prevention of accidents and other generally recognised health and safety regulations must be observed.

Maximum economy, reliability and long life is only guaranteed when using DEUTZ original parts.

Repair of the engine must correspond to its use for the intended purpose. Only parts released by the manufacturer for the respective purpose may be used for conversion work. Unauthorised modifications to the engine exclude manufacturer liability for resulting damages. Failure to observe this will void the warranty!

The engines made by DEUTZ are developed for a wide range of applications. A wide range of variants ensures that the respective special requirements are met.

The engine is equipped according to the installation case, i.e. not all the parts and components described in this documentation are installed in your engine necessarily.

We have done our best to highlight the differences so that you can easily find the operating, maintenance and repair instructions relevant to your engine


  • Foreword
  • General
  • User notes
    • General
    • Specifications
    • Safety regulations and rules for the prevention of accidents
    • Disposal regulations
    • Operating manual and workshop manual
    • Job cards
    • Explanation of symbols
  • Technical data
    • Testing and setting data
    • Tightening specifications
  • Job card overview
    • Sorted numerically
  • Job cards
  • Commercial tools
  • Special tools

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 150

DEUTZ D 2008/2009 Workshop Manual (0312 3422 en)