Datsun Car Care Guide For Models B210 610 710

Datsun car care guide for models B210, 610, 710 PDP. This book will save you money even if you have never before done your own car maintenance and repairs It will not make you a professional auto mechanic It will not even make you a “professional” do-it-yourselfer But, by being completely devoted to your particular car, and by telling you how to care for the important things that require little if any technical skill, this book will help you to save money Your own motivation is all that is necessary to go along with this handy, simply-written, confidence-building guide And even if you never do any of the routine maintenance and easy repairs which we have included, this book may nonetheless still save you money’ How’ By being packed with hundreds and hundreds of ups and insights about your car, this book will increase your “car savvy ” So when you do entrust your car to a professional auto mechanic, you will do so intelligently, confidently and economically.


Engine Identification Maintenance Maintenance Schedules Approximate Fluid Capacities Changing Engine Oil and Filter Cooling System Service Thermostat Replacement Hose Replacement Drive Belt Replacement Air Cleaner Element Replacement Fuel Filter Replacement Tire Care

Checking Compression Spark Plug Service Spark Plug Wires Distributor Service Electronic Ignition Service Breaker Point System Distributor Cap and Rotor Replacement Setting Timing Tune-Up Specifications

Carburetor Description and Identification Carburetor Removal and Installation Carburetor Adjustments Idle Adjustment Float Level Check and Adjustment Fast Idle Clearance Choke Cover Adjustment Choke Vacuum Adjustment Choke Unloader Adjustment Interlock Opening Adjustment Dash Pot Adjustment Basic Carburetor Disassembly Fuel Pump Checking Pressure Removal Rebuild

Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) Valve Fuel Evaporative Canister Filter

Jump-Starting a Car With a Dead Battery Battery and Cable Care Alternator Replacement Voltage Regulator Replacement Starter Motor Replacement Starter Clutch Replacement Radio Replacement Model B210 Model 610 Model 710 Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement Windshield Wiper Arm Replacement Windshield Wiper Motor and Linkage Washer Fluid Nozzle Ad|ustment Light Switch Replacement Model B210 Model 610 Model 710 Fuse Replacement Light Bulb Replacement

Radiator Replacement Water Pumo Replacement Model B210 Models 610 and 710

Front Wheel Disc Brake Pad Adjustment Models B210 and 610 Model 710 Rear Drum Brake Shoes Replacement
Front Wheel Bearing Adjustment Parking Brake Adjustment Model B210 Model 610 Model 710

Rear Shock Absorber Replacement Ball Joint Replacement

Engine Mount Replacement Front Engine Mounts Rear Engine Mount Timing Case Cover Removal Adjusting Valve Clearance Model B210 Models 610 and 710 Cylinder Head Replacement Model B210 Models 610 and 710

Clutch Linkage Adjustment Clutch Replacement Manual Transmission Replacement Model B210 Models 610 and 710 Automatic Transmission Replacement Automatic Transmission Linkage Model B210 Models 610 and 710 Propeller Shaft Removal Models 610 and 710 Model B210

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 145

Datsun Car Care Guide For Models B210 610 710