DAIHATSU TYPE K3 ENGINE SERVICE MANUAL (NO.9737, NO.9332, NO. 9237) PDF. This manual describes the newly-developed Type K3 engine. This manual mainly describes the standard Type K3-VE engine. However, the description applies to both Type K3-VE and Type K3-VE2 engines, unless otherwise specified as for Type K3-VE2 engine.

Type K3 engine comes in the following two types, as indicated in the table below.
Model                 Engine type             Specifications
M101 (Sirion)      K3-VE2                   High-power type
J102 (Terios)       K3-VE                     Standard type

Furthermore, these engines have complied with the exhaust emission regulations implemented in various countries and regions, including those countries where the 1999/102/EC (Exhaust emission, STEP) is applied.

Revision 1 : July 2000

This is a version supplemental to the Service Manual K3 Engine No. 9737.

After the contents of Type K3-VE engine mounted on the EXTOL had been added to the Service Manual K3 Engine No. 9737 and the changed pages had been compiled, this manual has been published as Revision 1.

As regards those pages not posted in this manual, basically they remain unchanged. Hence, for them, refer to the Service Manual K3 Engine No. 9737.

Revision 2 : Sep. 2000

This manual is a version supplemental to the Service Manual Type K3 Engine.

The newly-develop Model M200 series, whose are mounted the Type EJ engine and Type K3 engine, have been carried out from DAIHATSU.

This time, the Type K3-VE engine has been partly modified.

In line with this, we have here published the revision 2, in which the sections that have been changed are posted on following page.

All information used in this service manual was in effect at the time when the manual was printed. However, the specifications and procedures may be revised owing to continuing improvements in the design without advance notice and without incurring any obligation to us.


Language: English
Format: PDF

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