DAF Telephone Interface Fault Codes

Instruments and controls Mechanically operated main switchesonly have a switch outside the cabin.3D002104-23.4 TELEPHONE3.4.1 Telephone interfaceThe telephone interface provides hands-free telephone operation either by connectingBluetooth enabled telephones or by activating the truck phone.See section ‘Installing and removing Bluetooth enabled telephones’ or section’Activating the truck phone’.The telephone interface is fully functional when the ignition is switched on or at leastplaced in the accessory position.When the ignition is switched off active calls are supported provided they were activebefore the ignition was switched off.With the ignition off and the active call ended the telephone interface no longersupports Bluetooth connected phones.However the truck phone will still receive incoming phone calls and SMS messages fora period of 24 hours after the ignition is switched off.

32512 31Phone interface not shut down properly
32513 31Phone interface not shut down properly
32514 31 Internal fault in telephone interface unit
32515 31 Internal fault in telephone interface unit
32516 31 Internal fault in telephone interface unit
32517 31 No communication between phone interface and phone cradle not properly
32518 3 Short circuit to power supply in the microphone
32518 4 Short circuit to ground in the microphone
32518 5 Microphone open circuit
32519 3 Short to power in radio mute signal
32519 4 Short to ground in radio mute signal
32520 31 CAN signal (CCVS) message missing
32521 31 CAN signal could not be transmitted
32522 31 CAN message VIC missing