DAF Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS)

The Lane Departure Warning System is a safety system that helps to prevent accidents. Drivers can easily become distracted and lose full focus on the road, especially at the end of a long and tiring working day, therefore LDWS helps drivers to remain alert.

84-9 Engine Control System over CAN (CCVS) message, no vehicle speed or braking values.
84-15 Engine control system message over CAN (CCVS), turn signal information, vehicle speed out of range.
628-31 nternal malfunction of the electronic unit
639-9 No CAN communication
917-9 Tachograph message over CAN network (TCO1),no vehicle mileage value
1703-3 Right speaker – Short circuit to power
520198-3 LDWA switch. – Short circuit to power
520197-15 Chamber temperature too high.
520196-9 VIC-2 (LC) message on CAN network, no turn signal value.
520195-9 Tachograph message over CAN network (TCO1), time and date values ​​are missing.
520194-6 Lack of sound. – Short circuit to ground

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