Claas Dominator 58/48/38 Service Manual

Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction

  • 1.1 About Claas Dominator 58/48/38
  • 1.2 Purpose of this Service Manual
  • 1.3 Historical Overview

Section 2: Combine Models

  • 2.1 Claas Dominator 58
  • 2.2 Claas Dominator 48
  • 2.3 Claas Dominator 38
  • 2.4 Identification and Features

Section 3: Workshop Safety

  • 3.1 Safety Precautions
  • 3.2 Protective Equipment
  • 3.3 Emergency Procedures

Section 4: Tools and Equipment

  • 4.1 Essential Tools
  • 4.2 Specialized Equipment
  • 4.3 Maintenance and Calibration

Section 5: Maintenance Procedures

  • 5.1 Routine Maintenance
  • 5.2 Lubrication
  • 5.3 Threshing Mechanism Maintenance
  • 5.4 Inspection Checklists

Section 6: Engine and Transmission

  • 6.1 Engine Maintenance and Repair
  • 6.2 Transmission and Drivetrain
  • 6.3 Fuel System
  • 6.4 Exhaust System

Section 7: Grain Handling and Cleaning

  • 7.1 Grain Handling Systems
  • 7.2 Cleaning Systems
  • 7.3 Troubleshooting Grain Issues

Section 8: Chassis and Suspension

  • 8.1 Chassis Maintenance
  • 8.2 Suspension Systems
  • 8.3 Brake Systems
  • 8.4 Steering Mechanism

Section 9: Electronics and Control Systems

  • 9.1 Electronic Components
  • 9.2 Control Systems
  • 9.3 Troubleshooting Electrical Issues

Section 10: Troubleshooting

  • 10.1 Diagnosing Common Problems
  • 10.2 Troubleshooting Guide
  • 10.3 Maintenance Tips

Section 11: Historical Documentation

  • 11.1 Claas Dominator Legacy
  • 11.2 Customer Testimonials
  • 11.3 Rare Photographs

Section 12: Contact Information

  • 12.1 Claas Dominator Dealerships
  • 12.2 Customer Support
  • 12.3 Technical Assistance

Section 13: Index

  • 13.1 Alphabetical Topics Index
  • 13.2 Numerical Diagrams Index
  • 13.3 Model Cross-Reference


Welcome to the Claas Dominator 58/48/38 Service Manual. This comprehensive manual serves as an invaluable resource for mechanics, technicians, and owners of Claas Dominator combine harvesters. It provides detailed guidance on maintenance, repairs, and technical specifications.

Combine Models

Section 2 outlines the Claas Dominator 58, 48, and 38 combine models and their various features, enabling users to identify and understand the range of combines covered in this service manual.

Workshop Safety

Safety is paramount in any workshop. Section 3 discusses safety precautions, essential protective equipment, and emergency procedures to ensure a secure working environment.

Tools and Equipment

Section 4 lists essential tools and specialized equipment required for servicing Claas Dominator combine harvesters, along with maintenance and calibration instructions.

Maintenance Procedures

Section 5 covers routine maintenance procedures, including lubrication, thresher mechanism maintenance, and inspection checklists to keep Claas Dominator combines in optimal condition.

Engine and Transmission

Sections 6 delve into engine maintenance and repair, transmission and drivetrain components, the fuel system, and exhaust system maintenance.

Grain Handling and Cleaning

Section 7 provides guidance on grain handling systems, cleaning systems, and troubleshooting procedures for grain-related issues.

Chassis and Suspension

Section 8 focuses on chassis maintenance, suspension systems, brake systems, and the steering mechanism to ensure safe and reliable performance.

Electronics and Control Systems

Section 9 offers insights into electronic components and control systems within Claas Dominator combines, including troubleshooting procedures for electrical issues.


Section 10 assists users in diagnosing common problems, offering a comprehensive troubleshooting guide and maintenance tips for resolving issues.

Historical Documentation

Explore the history of Claas Dominator combines in Section 11, featuring the legacy of these machines, customer testimonials, and a collection of rare photographs showcasing their heritage.

Contact Information

Section 12 provides contact details for Claas Dominator dealerships, customer support services, and technical assistance resources to address inquiries and support needs.


The Index in Section 13 includes both alphabetical topics indexes and numerical diagrams indexes for quick reference, as well as a model cross-reference to simplify navigation.

We trust that this Claas Dominator 58/48/38 Service Manual will prove invaluable in servicing and maintaining these reliable combine harvesters. For any inquiries or assistance, please refer to the relevant sections or contact your nearest Claas Dominator dealership.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 20

Claas Dominator 58/48/38 Service Manual