Chrysler Dodge 41TE A604 Transmission Rebuild Manual – ATRA

Chrysler 41TE (A604) Transaxle found in many Chrysler vehicles 1989 and up. Covers assembly, dis-assembly, diagnosis, and troubleshooting. This manual is a must have for your overhaul and it is very easy to read and understand.

The Chrysler 41TE, also known as the 604, has been with us now for well over a decade, and this unit has quickly become one of the most widely used late-model Chrysler transaxles. This unit’s innovative computer control system was one of the first to use solenoids to directly control clutch apply oil without using the typical regulating or directing valves. This system also led the way in adaptive control of clutch apply rate and feel, which allows consistent operation even if internal changes or differences exist from one unit to the next. Although this transaxle is not a relatively new design, there may be parts of the rebuild process that you are not very familiar with, or you may be new to this particular type of transaxle. In either case, you need some point of reference- something that will show you how to proceed when you are not sure (or have no idea whatsoever), and that is exactly what this book is designed to do.

You will not find a photocopied section out of a factory manual between these covers. In fact, you will notice a substantial difference between the book you are holding and any other books written on the subject. This is because, as this book was being written, the author was rebuilding a 41TE step by step as he was writing this book. This helped assure that there would be no missing steps (and it was also real handy for taking pictures along the way…). This book was written for transmission rebuilders, by a transmission rebuilder, in plain English rather than complex ‘factoreze’ terminology.


  • Unit Disassembly
  • Pump
  • Input Drum Disassembly
  • Input Drum Assembly
  • Final Drive
  • Case Preparation
  • Valve Body
  • Unit Assembly

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 115

Chrysler Dodge 41TE A604 Transmission Rebuild Manual – ATRA PDF free online