Chilton’s Datsun 1973 – 1978 Repair and Tune-up Guide

Chilton’s Datsun 1973-78 Repair and Tune-up Guide PDF. Covers 1973 510 and 1200, 1973-76 610, 1974-77 710, 1977-78 810, 1974-78 B210, 1977-78 200SX, 1977-78 F10, and 1978 510. Chiltons Repair and Tune-Up Guide for the Datsun is intended to teach you more about the inner workings of your automobile and save you money in its upkeep The first two chapters will be the most used, since they contain maintenance and tune-up information and procedures The following seven chapters concern themselves with the more complex systems of the Datsun Operating systems from engine through brakes are covered to the extent that we feel the average do-it-yourselfer should get involved Chilton’s Datsun 2 won’t explain rebuilding the transmission for the simple reason that the expertise required and the investment m special tools make this task uneconomical We will tell you how to change your own brake pads and shoes, replace points and plugs, and many more jobs that will save you money, give you personal satisfaction, and help you avoid problems.

Before loosening any bolts, please read through the entire section and the specific procedure This will give you the overall view of what will be required as far as tools, supplies, and you There is nothing more frustrating than having to walk to the bus stop on Monday morning because you were short one metric bolt during your Sunday afternoon repair So read ahead and plan ahead The sections begin with a brief discussion of the system and what it involves Adjustments and/or maintenance are then discussed, followed by removal and installation procedures and then repair or overhaul procedures where they are feasible When repair is considered to be out of your league, we tell you how to remove the part and then how to install the new or rebuilt replacement In this way you at least save the labor costs Backyard repair of such components as the alternator are lust not practical.

Two basic mechanic’s rules should be mentioned here One, whenever the leftside of the car is referred to, it is meant to specify the driver’s side of the car Conversely, the right-side of the car means the passenger’s side of the car Second, most screws and bolts are removed by turning counterclockwise and tightened by turning clockwise Safety is always the most important rule Constantly be aware of the dangers involved in working on an automobile and take the proper precautions Use jackstands when working under a raised vehicle Don’t smoke or allow an exposed flame to come near the battery or any part of the fuel system Always use the proper tool and use it correctly, bruised knuckles and skinned fingers aren’t a mechanic’s standard equipment Always take your time and have patience, once you have some experience and gain confidence, working on your car will become an enjoyable hobby.


  • Chapter 1 General Information and Maintenance
  • Chapter 2 Tune-Up and Troubleshooting
  • Chapter 3 Engine and Engine Rebuilding
  • Chapter 4 Emission Controls and Fuel System
  • Chapter 5 Chassis Electrical
  • Chapter 6 Clutch and Transmission
  • Chapter 7 Drive Train
  • Chapter 8 Suspension and Steering
  • Chapter 9 Brakes
  • Chapter 10 Body
  • Appendix

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 222

Chilton’s Datsun 1973 – 1978 Repair and Tune-up Guide

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