Chery 1.6 Gas Engine Service Manual

Chery 1.6 Gas Engine Service Manual PDF free online

CAC478, CAC480 series vehicle gasoline engines, which are the products introduced from Ford (Britain) corporation CVH production line, are made by Anhui Chery automobile Corp. Products are made up of carburetor type, single-point electric control fuel injection type and electric control fuel injection type, which may meet the requirements for different performance and emission.

Single-point electric control fuel injection system and multipoint electric control fuel injection system of the above engines are developed though the joint effort with Italy M & M Corp.

With advanced product performance, reliable structure,CAC478、CAC480 series automobile gasoline engines may be applied for both car and light-duty vehicles.

Specifications, covering major parameters, structural features, assembly and adjustment,
common operation repair and maintenance, trouble shooting for CAC478, CAC480 carburetor and single-point electric control fuel injection engine, may be referred by mechanic, driver, technologist and management section.


  • Introduction
  • Engine configuration view and sectional view
  • Main engine technical indexes and operation parameters
  • Engine structural features
  • Engine remova l and assembly procedure
    • Positioning no.1 cylinder top dead center (compression)
    • Upper and lower timing gear cover assemblies removal and installation
    • Crankshaft pulley removal and installation
    • Valve cover and seal gasket removal and installation
    • Timing belt removal, installation and adjustment
    • Tension pulley, crankshaft gear and camshaft gear removal, check and installation
    • Camshaft oil seal removal and installation
    • Valve mechanism and cylinder head removal, check and installation
    • Piston and connecting rod assembly removal and installation
    • Flywheel assembly and rear oil seal bracket assembly removal and installation
    • Crankshaft, crankshaft thrust washer, bearing bushing and main bearing cap removal and installation
    • Oil baffle assembly removal and installation
    • Engine oiling system
    • Engine cooling system
    • Engine air intake and exhaust system
    • Engine crankcase ventilation system
    • Engine fuel supply system
  • Carburetor engine malfunction, cause and correction

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 76

Chery 1.6 Gas Engine Service Manual PDF free online

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