Checkball Book Domestic Volume II – ATSG

Checkball Book Domestic Volume II – ATSG PDF. The second volume of the series of domestic checkball and small parts location manuals contain the most current valve body checkball and small parts locations for the most current domestically used transmissions on the road today. This manual also contains information on what material the checkballs are constructed of as well as checkball and spring dimensions wherever possible.

All checkball locations are shown even when they are contained in a check valve located in one of the valve body bores. These check valve balls are often overlooked because they are not in plain sight.

A number of valve bodies contained in this manual may be considered as imports. Those that are used in domestically badged vehicles will be illustrated here with any differences that may have occurred. Therefore use these illustrations for the domestic vehicle they are found in, not the import vehicles.



  • 4T40/45E (Late)
  • 4T65E
  • 6T45
  • 6T75
  • 2MT70
  • 2ML70
  • 5L40E
  • 6L80
  • ALLISON LCT 1000
  • AW81-80LE
  • SATURN AF33-5
  • SATURN AF17-4


  • 4F50N (2000-2003)
  • 4F50N (2004 & Later)
  • 6F35
  • 6F50
  • F4E-III
  • 4F27E/FNR5
  • AF21
  • CFT30
  • eCVT
  • 4/5R55E
  • 5R55N
  • 5R55W/S
  • 4R75E
  • 4R100
  • 6R60
  • 6R140W


  • F4A-51
  • JF011E
  • 42RLE
  • 46/47RE
  • 48RE
  • 45/545/68RFE
  • 62TE
  • AS68RC
  • AW4 (2000 & Later)
  • NAG1

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 97

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