Caterpillar engine diagnostic fault codes CID – part 1

Reference information for self-troubleshooting for Caterpillar machines equipped with an electronic self-diagnosis and engine management system.

Diagnostic codes are used to find and fix faulty parts in the repair of Caterpillar engines.

(CID) is the diagnostic fault code, it indicates the number of a specific node or component or a system failure.

1 Injector No.1 cylinder

2 Injector No.2 cylinder

3 Cylinder 3 injector

4 Injector No.4 cylinder

5 Injector No.5 cylinder

6 Injector No.6 cylinder

7 Cylinder No.7 injector

8 Cylinder Nozzle No.8

9 Cylinder Nozzle 9

10 Cylinder Nozzle No.10

11 Cylinder Nozzle 11

12 Cylinder Nozzle No.12

13 Cylinder No.1 injector

14 Cylinder No.14 Nozzle

15 Cylinder No.15 injector

16 Cylinder Nozzle 16

17 Fuel shut-off valve

18 Fuel control valve

19 Accelerator Bypass Valve

20 The device of change of a corner of an advancing of injection of fuel

21 Engine position sensor

22 Intake of the fuel injection

23 Reach drive

24 Rack position sensor

27 Drive turbocharger with variable geometry No. 1

28 Drive turbocharger with variable geometry No. 2

41 Power supply to the computer (electronic control unit) 8 V DC

42 Injector valve

70 Contact sensor of parking brake

71 Idling stop timer

75 hydraulic oil temperature sensor for steering system

81 Intake particle trap pressure sensor

82 Pressure sensor for pneumatic start system

84 Travel speed sensor

91 Accelerator pedal position (gas) sensor

94 Fuel Pressure Switch

95 Differential pressure sensor on the fuel filter

96 Fuel level sensor

98 Engine oil level sensor

99 Differential pressure sensor on engine oil filter

100 Engine oil pressure switch

101 Crankcase pressure sensor

102 Turbocharger Pressure Sensor

104 Turbocharger oil pressure sensor

Intake Manifold Temperature Sensor

106 Input air pressure sensor

109 Coolant pressure sensor. At the output of the engine

110 Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor

111 Coolant level sensor. Engine

112 Differential pressure sensor on the coolant filter. Engine

124 Transmission oil level

126 Differential pressure sensor on transmission oil filter

127 Transmission oil pressure sensor

138 Low Traction Mode Switch

139 tip tip electromagnet

140 tip tip electromagnet

141 Economy mode switch

142 Radiator cleaning door sensor

143 Pressure switch for neutral control unit

144 Reversing sound signal

145 Power supply circuit 12 V

146 Hitch mode switch

147 Clutch Pressure Sensor

148 Hydraulic system pressure sensor

149 Three-position electromagnet of the stabilization system of the working tool during movement

150 Tampo Speed Sensor

151 electromagnet tampers

152 Running light control lamp

153 Right-hand drive motor speed sensor

154 Left-hand drive motor speed sensor

155 Starting solenoid

156 Right-hand reversing solenoid (electronic display)

157 electromagnet left reversing (electronic display)

158 electromagnet of the right turn by a forward course (electronic board)

159 electromagnet of the left turn by a forward course (electronic board)

160 Asphalt paver working equipment relays

161 The sensor of the brake pedal

162 Steering Wheel Sensor

163 Steering angle sensor

164 Injection pressure switch

167 Alternator charging voltage sensor

168 Electrical system voltage

171 ambient temperature sensor

172 Intake manifold temperature sensor

174 temperature sensor fuel

175 engine oil temperature sensor

177 Transmission oil temperature sensor

190 Engine Speed Sensor

191 Output speed sensor for gearbox output

248 Caterpillar Data Link

249 Data Channel J1922 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

250 Data transmission channel J1708 / J1587 SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers)

252 Calibration unit

253 Personal control unit chip

254 Electronic control unit

256 Map of the adjusting characteristics of the engine

257 Detonation level

258 Crankshaft Position Sensor

259 Programmed injection timing

260 The gauge of the maintenance of oxygen in exhaust gases (ljambda)

261 Calibration of the moment of injection of fuel

262 Sensor supply circuit 5 V

263 Power supply circuit for digital sensors (8 or 12 V)

264 Deceleration pedal

265 User input stop signal circuit

266 Dry engine scrolling input circuit (without fuel injection)

267 Input motor remote command signal circuit

268 Programmed parameter error

269 Sensor supply circuit

270 Cable code of the computerized control system (CMS)

271 Audible alarms

272 Excess turbocharging sensor

273 Turbocharger outlet pressure sensor

274 Atmospheric Pressure Sensor

275 Right turbocharger inlet pressure sensor

276 Left turbocharger inlet pressure sensor

277 Injection timing sensor

278 Indicator light for automatic engine speed control (AESC)

279 temperature sensor of cooling fluid cooling air cooler in the front section

280 temperature sensor gearbox

281 Indicator light for engine check

282 Over-speed warning light

283 Air filter clogging indicator light

284 Switching signal of EMS (electronic control system) (engine operation signal)

285 Overtake overheating indicator. Engine

286 Low oil pressure indicator light

287 Low-current digital output 7

288 Low-current digital output 8

289 Fuel pressure sensor – in front of the fuel filter

290 Engine Cooling Fan Drive Pump Pressure Sensor

291 engine cooling fan solenoid

292 hydraulic oil cooling fan solenoid

293 Power Analog Output 3

294 Analogue output 4

295 Large hydraulic power excavator control unit

296 Transmission control unit

297 All-wheel drive system

298 Service brake pedal switch

299 Shift lever position sensor

300 Primary coils of ignition coils

301 Primary coil of ignition coil 1

302 Primary coil of ignition coil 2

303 Primary coil of ignition coil 3

304 Primary coil of ignition coil 4

305 Primary coil of ignition coil 5

306 Primary coil of ignition coil 6

307 Primary coil of ignition coil 7

308 Primary coil of ignition coil 8

309 Primary coil of ignition coil 9

310 Primary coil of ignition coil 10

311 Primary coil of ignition coil 11

312 Primary coil of ignition coil 12

313 Primary coil of ignition coil 13

314 Primary coil of ignition coil 14

315 Primary coil of ignition coil 15

316 Primary winding of the ignition coil 16

317 Load cell

318 Right Detonation Sensor

319 Left Knock Sensor

320 Engine speed / injection timing

321 Reset / Diagnose message key

322 Engine stop relay

323 Engine stop indicator light

324 Alarm lamp

325 Detonation caused by the ignition system

326 The detonation system

327 Wrong number of knock sensors

328 Wrong number of engine cylinders

329 Communication link error

330 Input from the contact probe of the content of propane

331 Ignition Switch

332 Keyboard Switch

333 Switch switch

334 Standby output

335 scraper scraper electromagnet

336 Engine control switch

337 Remote engine emergency stop switch

338 Engine oil pre-lubrication pump relay

339 Engine Pre-Gasket Pressure Sensor

340 electromagnet of air cutoff

341 electromagnet 4 heating of hydraulic distributor

342 Auxiliary engine speed sensor

343 Injection nozzle of nitrogen oxide neutralizer in exhaust gases

344 Nitrogen Oxide Neutralizer Injection Pump Relay in Exhaust Gas

345 Pressure sensor for nitrogen oxide neutralizer injection system in exhaust gas

346 The relay of the system of stabilization of the working tool during the movement

347 electromagnet for regulating the supply (working volume) of the hydrostatic gearbox hydraulic motor

348 Transmission Lock Switch

349 timing synchronization solenoid

350 Throttle Position Sensor

351 Swashplate tension sensor

352 Lift lever sensor (in the cockpit)

353 Swing lever sensor (in the cockpit)

Electromagnet 1 lifting

Electromagnet 1 lowering

356 electromagnet 1 unloading

Electromagnet 1 return

358 Pressure drive in the control loop of the hydraulic system of the working equipment

359 Lifting Electromagnet

360 Electromagnet of fixation of lowering

361 Electromagnet for fixing the tilt for loading

Electromagnet of engine fan speed control

363 Drive of the stabilization system of the working tool during the movement

364 Pressure sensor in the piston cavity of the lifting hydraulic cylinder

365 Limiter setting switch

366 Contact sensor of semi-automatic recess

367 Switch for the stabilization of the working tool during the movement

368 Automatic / manual gearbox selector switch

369 Input from gearshift indicator

370 electromagnet of the floating boom position

371 electromagnet of sound signal

372 bucket opening solenoid (for a shovel excavator)

373 electromagnet closing the bucket with unloading through the tipping bottom (for the shovel excavator)

374 brake assist electromagnet

375 electromagnet of the brake of the mechanism of turn

376 Travel indicator

377 electromagnet of a running brake

378 electromagnet system automatic lubrication machine

379 Automatic machine lubrication system pressure sensor

380 Gearbox shift modulating pressure sensor

381 Contact switch for neutral position of the lift arm (in the cab)

382 Clutch lever position sensor

383 Clutch position sensor

384 Throttle switch

385 Contact sensor for neutral position of the tilt lever (in the cab)

386 clutch lifting solenoid

387 coupler lowering solenoid

388 Return of the towing vehicle electromagnet

389 Neutral contact sensor for auxiliary lever

390 electromagnet of oil flow control via forward motor

391 electromagnet for regulating oil flow through the reverse motor

Electromagnet of oil supply

393 electromagnet of a drive of forward wheels

394 electromagnet of oil flow control via drive hydraulic motor

395 electromagnet of switching of pressure in a drive of a forward wheel

396 All-wheel drive indicator light (AWD)

397 Feed pump pressure sensor

398 Front wheel pressure sensor

399 Four-wheel drive control lever (AWD)

400 Secondary coils of ignition coils

401 Secondary coil of ignition coil 1

402 Secondary coil of ignition coil 2

403 Secondary coil of ignition coil 3

404 Secondary coil of ignition coil 4

405 Secondary coil of ignition coil 5

406 Secondary coil of the ignition coil 6

407 Secondary coil of ignition coil 7

408 Secondary coil of ignition coil 8

409 Secondary coil of ignition coil 9

410 Secondary coil of ignition coil 10

411 Secondary coil of ignition coil 11

412 Secondary coil of ignition coil 12

413 Secondary coil of ignition coil 13

414 Secondary coil of ignition coil 14

415 Secondary coil of ignition coil 15

416 Secondary coil of ignition coil 16

417 Relay of interrupt of return chain of electromagnet

418 Indicator light / oil flow switch in the hydraulic circuit of the main steering

419 Relay of reverse motor

420 Auxiliary Steering Relay

421 Monitoring relays

422 Drive Shaft Speed Sensor

423 Front brake pressure accumulator pressure sensor

424 Pressure switch for rear brake accumulator

425 Oil pressure switch in the hydraulic circuit of the front brake

426 Oil pressure switch in the hydraulic circuit of the rear brake

427 front axle oil temperature sensor

428 rear oil temperature sensor

429 Oil Pressure Switch for Main Pump of Power Steering System

430 The oil pressure sensor in the steering control system of the steering system

431 Low oil level sensor in the steering system

432 Differential pressure sensor on the oil filter of the steering system

433 Differential pressure sensor on hydraulic oil filter

434 Oil Pressure Sensor in the Control Loop of the Hydraulic System

435 Hydraulic oil level sensor

436 Oil pressure switch in torque converter

437 Oil Pressure Switch Oil Pressure Sensor

438 electromagnet 1 for heating the hydraulic distributor

439 electromagnet 2 heating of hydraulic distributor

440 electromagnet 3 heating the hydraulic distributor

441 Electronic speed controller relay

442 Generator failure relay

443 Scroll interrupt relay

444 Electrostarters relay

445 Working Relays

446 Engine air-off switch

447 Fuel supply control relay

448 Standby Relay

449 Switch for manual rotation of the gripper

450 Switch for manual opening and closing jaws

451 clockwise rotation electromagnet

452 anti-clockwise rotation lock electromagnet

Electromagnet of jaw opening

454 electromagnet closing jaws

455 Pressure sensor for jaw closure

456 Hydrax system pressure sensor

457 brake oil temperature sensor

458 Pressure sensor in the rod cavity of the hydraulic ram

459 Torque converter control unit

460 The fuel pressure sensor behind the fuel filter

461 Additional auxiliary brake solenoid

462 Contact pressure sensor for coolant. At the entrance of the engine

463 Safety double-acting safety solenoid of the hydraulic circuit of the working equipment

464 Bucket tilt lever detection sensor in return position

465 Accelerator lever position sensor at maximum idling speed

466 Pedal potentiometer for left-hand drive belt

467 Right-hand drive belt pedal position sensor

468 Service brake pedal position sensor

469 electromagnet of the forward motion of the left track tape

470 reverse electromagnet of left track tape

471 electromagnet of the front run of the right track tape

472 reverse solenoid of the right track tape

473 Feed pressure sensor

474 Programmable relay control unit

475 Negotiation unit with user equipment 1

476 User equipment matching unit 2

477 Standby relay 1

478 Standby relay 2

479 Standby relay 3

480 Standby relay 4

481 Standby relay 5

482 Standby relay 6

483 Standby Relay 7

484 Standby relay 8

485 electromagnet of engine fan reversing

486 Engine Fan Reversing Switch

487 Third Lever Position Sensor

488 Fourth lever position sensor

489 Selector switch for operating equipment

490 Working equipment lock switch

491 electromagnet of the third mode forward

492 electromagnet of the third mode back

493 electromagnet of the fourth mode forward

494 electromagnet of the fourth mode back

495 electromagnet of the fifth mode forward

496 electromagnet of the fifth mode back

497 tilt solenoid right

498 left slope electromagnet

499 electromagnet of the oil pump variable performance hydraulic system of the working equipment

500 Electronic control unit

501 Cylinder Inner Chamber 1

502 Cylinder Inner Chamber 2

503 Fork Chamber 3

504 Cylinder Inner Chamber 4

505 Fork Chamber 5

506 Cylinder Inner Chamber 6

507 Cylinder Inner Chamber 7

508 Cylinder Inner Chamber 8

509 Cylinder Inner Chamber 9

510 Cylinder Inner Chamber 10

511 Cylinder Inner Chamber 11

512 Cylinder Inner Chamber 12

513 Cylinder Inner Chamber 13

514 Cylinder Inner Chamber 14

515 Fork chamber of the cylinder 15

516 Fork chamber cylinder 16

517 Four-wheel drive switch

518 Pressure control unit

519 Pressure of crankcase gases

520 Transmission configuration code

521 temperature sensor fuel

522 Fuel calorific value sensor

523 Actual engine speed sensor

524 Engine speed sensor

525 Damper actuator

526 Drive of the valve of tap of exhaust gases

527 Potentiometer for setting unevenness

528 The maximum idling speed potentiometer

529 Fuel correction factor

530 ION Sensor

531 Idle speed / rated speed switch

532 Motor Protective Shutdown Input

533 Automatic moderator control system

534 Parallel / common service input

535 Exhaust Temperature Sensor

536 Low Engine Oil Sensor

537 Coolant level sensor. Engine

538 Right Air Filter Resistance Sensor

539 Left Air Filter Resistance Sensor

540 Input signal chain of controlled equipment

541 Oil Pressure Sensor in Differential (Bridge)

542 Engine oil pressure switch in front of oil filter

543 Engine oil pressure switch after oil filter

544 Engine Cooling Fan Speed Sensor

545 Relay for air injection control

546 Current limitation in the ether injection system

547 Indicator light for switching on the air trigger system

548 Accelerator lock indicator light

549 Accelerator Lock Switch

550 Signal from the oxygen concentration sensor to the electronic control unit (ECM)

551 Oxygen Concentration Sensor and Oxygen Stabilizer Communication Circuit

552 Oxygen sensor calibration / current engine speed

553 Calibration of the oxygen concentration sensor / current oxygen concentration signal

554 Calibrating the oxygen sensor / no oxygen concentration signal

555 Oxygen sensor calibration / oxygen concentration signal against background noise

556 Oxygen sensor

557 Oxygen deficiency sensor

558 Automatic lubrication system relay

559 Boom Float Relay

560 Communication channel error

561 rear wheel accelerator locking solenoid

562 Second generation electronic monitoring system

563 Absence of required speed signal

564 Interference in the signal of the required speed

565 Emergency stop of the engine due to a missing signal of the required speed

566 Faulty operation of emergency engine shutdown

567 Indicator light for standby electronic control unit (ECM)

568 Indicator light for the redundant electronic control unit (ECM)

Electromagnet of oil injection

570 Temperature sensor out of range

571 electromagnet of elevator forward drive

572 electromagnet of elevator rear wheel drive

573 Jog Wheel Pedal Position Sensor

574 locking clamp electromagnet

575 Elevator position sensor

576 Drive from Heinzmann

577 Transmission ratio of the drive Heinzmann

578 Heinzmann drive offset

579 Pulsating signal of the main electronic control unit (ECM)

580 Switching pressure switch under load

581 electromagnet of switching under load

582 Differential pressure sensor on air filter

583 Boom lifting solenoid

584 Low Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

585 Sensor No. 1 speed of the output shaft of the gearbox

586 Engine speed rotary switch

587 Engine Speed Controller

588 Control system display

589 Travel / earth moving switch

590 Engine control unit

591 Electrically erasable memory (read-only)

592 lifting electromagnet 2

593 electromagnet of lowering 2

594 return electromagnet 2

595 discharge solenoid 2

596 Electronic control of working equipment

597 Hydraulic pump discharge pressure sensor

598 speed control electromagnet

599 Computerized Monitoring System (CMS)

600 Hydraulic oil temperature sensor

601 Brake Pressure Sensor

602 Pressure sensor P2 of the gearbox

603 Torque Converter Clutch Pressure Sensor

604 Automatic gear shift, interlock switch

605 Wheel Speed Sensor 1

606 Wheel speed sensor 2

607 Wheel Speed Sensor 3

608 Wheel Speed Sensor 4

609 electromagnet 1 wheel brake

610 electromagnet 2 wheel brakes

611 electromagnet 3 wheel brakes

612 electromagnet 4 wheel brakes

613 front brake solenoid

614 electromagnet of the control circuit of the rear brakes

615 Steering angle sensor for vehicle half-arches with articulated joint

616 System check mode switch

617 Supply air heater preheater in intake manifold

618 Left auxiliary brake sensor

619 Right auxiliary brake sensor

620 Towing mode switch

621 Downshift Switch

622 Increase gear selector

623 Direction switch

624 Gearbox neutral sensor

626 Steering Lock / Gearbox Control Switch

627 Parking Brake Pressure Sensor

628 Accelerated Shift Switch

629 The neutralizer sensor

631 clutch solenoid 1

632 clutch solenoid 2 gearbox

633 clutch solenoid 3 gears

634 clutch solenoid 4 gearbox

635 clutch solenoid 5 gearbox

636 clutch solenoid 6 gearbox

637 Reverse signal

638 Starter electromagnet

639 1st gear indicator light

641 electromagnet No. 1 of the gearbox

642 electromagnet No. 2 of the gearbox

643 electromagnet No. 3 of the gearbox

644 electromagnet # 4 of the gearbox

645 electromagnet No. 5 of the gearbox

646 electromagnet 6 of the gearbox

647 electromagnet # 7 of the gearbox

648 electromagnet 8 of the gearbox

650 Cable code

653 Electronic control unit

654 trailer right brake temperature sensor

655 trailer left brake temperature sensor

656 temperature sensor at the inlet of the trailer oil cooler

657 temperature sensor at the outlet of the trailer oil cooler

658 Right pressure sensor hydraulic cylinder for trailer suspension

659 Pressure sensor for left hydraulic cylinder for trailer suspension

660 12th gear selector input circuit

661 13th gear selector input circuit

662 14th gear selector input circuit

663 15th gear selector input circuit

664 16th gearshift input circuit

665 17th gear selector input circuit

666 18th gear selector input circuit

667 19th gear selector input circuit

668 Gear Shift Knob

669 Transmission Speed Sensor

670 Left Pedal Position Sensor

671 Output Speed Shift Sensor

672 Torque converter output torque converter

673 Sensor II speed gearbox output shaft

674 Transaxle Shaft Speed Sensor I

675 Transmitter II speed sensor intermediate gearbox

676 Lever position sensor for left belt drive

677 Right-hand drive belt lever position sensor

678 clutch solenoid of torque converter impeller

679 torque converter clutch solenoid

680 Switch for manual / automatic switching on of the working tool when driving

681 parking brake solenoid

682 Parking brake light indicator

683 Parking brake alarm

684 Manual gearbox reverse switch

685 Service identification code

686 Work shift identification code

687 Identification code of additional equipment

688 power regulation electromagnet

Electromagnet of the left brake

Right-hand brake solenoid 690

691 electromagnet No. 1 of the gearbox

692 electromagnet No. 2 of the gearbox

693 electromagnet No. 3 of the gearbox

694 electromagnet # 4 of the gearbox

695 electromagnet No. 5 of the gearbox

696 electromagnet No. 6 of the gearbox

697 priority valve solenoid

698 electromagnet of the left side clutch

699 right-hand friction electromagnet

700 Sensor for gearbox engaged

701 Output Shaft Speed Sensor

702 Shift lever position switch (pin)

703 Trailer Hatch Sensor

704 Service brake service brake pressure switch

705 Position sensor for lifting arm (pin)

706 Body position sensor in raised position

707 electromagnet of increase of transfers (transmissions)

708 electromagnet for lowering gears (gearbox)

709 clutch lock solenoid

710 electromagnet of the automatic delay control (ARC)

711 The distributive electromagnet of the automatic moderator control system (ARC)

712 Automatic deceleration indicator light

713 Automatic retarder control mode switch

714 Pressure switch for automatic moderator control

715 Contact moderator pressure sensor

716 Electrical power sensor

717 Remote accelerator switch

718 Transmission

719 electromagnetic proportional valve for traction control (TCS)

720 Helical resolver

721 service brake solenoid

722 auxiliary brake solenoid

723 Automatic Flashing Light Relay

724 lifting hoist electromagnet

725 electromagnet of the hoisting mechanism lowering mode

726 Right-hand steering electromagnet

727 Left steering solenoid

728 Control signal in automatic / manual mode

729 External switch of automatic / manual operation modes (from ground level)

730 Switch for automatic / manual operation modes (in the cab)

731 PWM signal of engine speed (rpm) (duty cycle)

732 electromagnet of exact turn of a platform

733 electromagnet locking oil cooler hydraulic system

734 Outlet electromagnet of automatic lubrication system

735 Heavy Lift Lift Electromagnet

736 Control channel for automatic engine speed control (AESC)

737 Neutralizer pedal position sensor

738 Ripper position sensor

739 Differential lock indicator light

740 Differential lock solenoid

741 Torque converter power indicator light

742 Service brake light / relay

743 The sensor of turning the tape with the tape forward (PWM)

744 The sensor of turning the tape with the backward movement (PWM)

745 Speed control lever (PWM) sensor

746 Contact sensor of the rotor control system (PWM)

747 Steering Mode Contact Switch (PWM)

748 Contact sensor for the position of the rotor door

749 Recoil sensor

750 Rear left-hand wheel control switch

751 Water Spray Switch

752 brake electromagnet / rotor belt tension

753 electromagnet of rotor service brake

754 rotor coupling electromagnet

755 Water spray relay

756 rotor clutch oil temperature sensor (PWM)

757 Rotor Clutch Oil Pressure Sensor (PWM)

758 Hydraulic oil pressure switch (PWM)

759 Low engine oil level warning light

760 Engine oil filter clogging indicator

761 Fuel filter clogging indicator light