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Welcome to the JAC Service Manual section! Here you will find comprehensive guides and instructions for maintaining and repairing your JAC vehicles. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with top-quality service manuals to ensure the reliability and performance of your vehicles. We understand the importance of having dependable and efficient vehicles, and our manuals will help you achieve that. Stay updated with the latest materials and updates by checking back often. Thank you for choosing JAC Service Manual!

JAC S5 Service Manual

The JAC S5 Service Manual is a comprehensive guide specifically designed to provide important information and instructions for servicing and maintaining the JAC S5 vehicle. This manual covers various aspects of vehicle operation,…

JAC Truck Fault Codes DTC

JAC Truck HFC4DA1-2C Engine Fault Codes DTC P0030 - The linear oxygen sensor heater circuit is open P0031 - The linear oxygen sensor heater circuit is short to ground P0032 - The linear oxygen sensor heater circuit is…