Bugatti 44266 Owner’s Manual

Bugatti 44266 Owner’s Manual. The history of Bugatti 44266 ‘blackbird’. Kees Jansen. Introduction.  Very few Bugattis have always been in the same family. Besides the odd exception,
most cars have changed ownership several times, and very often the complete provenance is unknown. This, however, does not apply to Bugatti 44266: all owners, as well as the whole history of the car are known. It was a 4-seater cabriolet, modified to a 2-seater boat tail body with full road gear created in the mid- thirties. In total the car has had 17 owners (including car dealers) from new. It has been changed considerably, but this took place in the mid thirties when it was modified for racing. Between 1933 and 1937 the car has had considerable success, with many victories at Bugatti races and rallies in the UK and it has won the best yearly performance of the BOC events twice.

Production, Sale and Body
Chassis No. 44266 fitted with engine No.21, was completed in chassis form in September 1927 before being invoiced by the factory to the manager of the Bugatti London’s agency Colonel Sore- residing on Brixton road- on Nov 4, 1927 for shipment on Nov 10 in a batch of six rolling chassis: two type 40’s and 4 types 441

The price of the types 44 rolling chassis was FF 29.920.2


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