Body Kit Prep and Install

I am no way responsible for any damages or injuries caused by doing these modifications.  WORK AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!!

How To Prep And Install A Body Kit Panel

I’m gonna make this one short and simple for ya. Why? Because I like you! And because its a very simple process to begin…unless of coarse you bought an Erebuni kit or a knock-off kit. Anyhow, lets start off with installing of a front bumper fascia. Remove the stock bumper, and mark all of its hole locations on the new bumper. Be sure to be precise, which means you might be doing several dry fits to be sure. Find a drill bit that is relatively the same thickness as the hole on the stock bumper…which 9 out of 10 times will be a 1/2″ drill bit. Very slowly, drill in to the new bumper. If this is a fiberglass bumper, be extra careful not to chew up the fiber weaves too much, but it will happen a little nonetheless. Fit the bumper to the vehicle and secure in to place using the stock screws, snaps and whatever the stock bumper was using to secure itself to the upper radiator support bar (core support). Be sure to secure the bolts in the fender/tire wall area. On some kits, you can slide underneath and secure the bottom of the bumper with to more screws to the underside of the car. This is hardly ever necessary, and most kits don’t even have the depth to do this, so don’t stress if you cant. Your front bumper should now be secure to the car.

Now for the rear bumper fascia, it’s the same process, so I wont get in to it. Just follow the same principals and steps above and you will be fine.

Now for side skirts, life can be simple if you have a decent kit, or it will be hell if you bought crap! Dry fit the side skirt to the car and hold it in place with a light hand to see if all of it will fit flush with the side of the car or if it buckles and leaves gaps. If its a decent fitting piece, you can proceed, if not…go see a local body shop for custom work to make it fit. So, if it fit, call a buddy over to the house, have a few beers, and then get back to work. Have your half lit buddy hold the skirt in place and drill one screw on either end of the side skirt in to the inside of the fender wells. Now open the car door, and attach 3 more screws into the side skirt from above, but make sure it’s far enough back towards the doorsill that the screw head is not visible when the door is closed. And that’s it once those screws are in. The skirt is done. Now go do it to the other side in the same steps!

Oh, if the kit does not fit properly, it means it was most likely a copycat kit or a crappy mold. You can call the manufacturer and complain and see about having a replacement sent, but most likely you are S.O.L. and will have to go to a body shop. Good luck!