BMW N13 Engine. Technical training. Product information

If you’re looking for comprehensive and accurate technical training and product information for the BMW N13 engine, you’ve come to the right place. Our website offers the most up-to-date and detailed guide, providing you with all the information you need to maintain and service your engine.

Our guide covers all aspects of the BMW N13 engine’s design, operation, and maintenance, including specifications, components, and troubleshooting procedures. With our comprehensive guide, you can easily locate the information you need and troubleshoot any issues you may encounter with your engine.

This document only describes the two versions as are used as at September 2011 in the BMW 1 Series, F20.

  1. BMW 116i – N13B16U0
  2. BMW 118i – N13B16M0

With the N13 engine Turbo-Valvetronic Direct Injection (TVDI) technology is making its first appearance in BMW’s small 4-cylinder petrol engines. The N13 engine is gradually replacing the N46 and N43 4-cylinder engines in the performance classes below the x20i. A TwinScroll exhaust turbocharger optimises the response characteristics and delivers power already at low engine speeds. The N13 engine is closely related to the N18 engine, which drives the MINI COOPER S. The basic engine is essentially the same – with just minor modifications. The peripherals have been adapted to longitudinal installation in BMW models. A special feature for BMW is the switching of the intake and exhaust sides in the vehicle. Thus, for the first time in a BMW vehicle, the exhaust side is on the left side when viewed in the direction of travel.


  • Introduction
  • Engine Mechanics
  • Oil Supply
  • Cooling
  • Air Intake/Exhaust Emission System
  • Vacuum System
  • Fuel Supply
  • Engine Electrical System

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