BMW Fault Code Lists and Guides


1 Car diagnostics

2 Code Decryption

2.1 Air, pressure and temperature sensors

2.2 Electric circuit

2.3 Engine

Car diagnostics

BMW e39, e53, e46, as well as many others, have many sensors and other electrical devices, the breakdown of which can be found through diagnostics. Checking a car for errors can be done both at a specialized MOT station and on its own at home. Unfortunately, this procedure is not cheap at the service station, so for those car owners who decide to check their on-board computer on their own, this instruction will come in handy.

To test your vehicle yourself, you will need:

  • A personal computer or laptop (it is better to choose the second, since it is more compact), in which a COM port should be present.
  • Diagnostic equipment, in particular, an Inpa or Carsfot scanner. The first was recognized by domestic motorists: in Russian and Ukrainian service stations, rarely can other equipment be found, mainly Inpa is used.
  • Com cable.
  • Official diagnostic software (mainly DIS utility is used for BMW cars).

So, you need to connect the Inpa diagnostic equipment to the laptop on which the DIS program should be installed and to the on-board computer of your BMW. Having installed the software correctly, you can proceed to check the BC (on-board computer) for malfunctions. But checking the car is only the first step to eliminating the error. During diagnosis, certain codes will appear on the laptop screen, which indicate the presence of a particular breakdown. How to understand them?

Decoding Codes

In this case, you will need to decrypt the codes in order to know what exactly broke in your car. In the case of BMW diagnostics, codes with letters may appear on the laptop screen. What do these letters mean? Here you will need a translation from specialists, but our website has prepared specially for BMW owners the decryption of the on-board computer codes.

P – failure detection in the transmission system;

B – body defect;

C – defect in the operation of the chassis.

We will review the errors most often encountered when checking BMW on-board computers

Diagnosis of a BMW car with a laptop and special diagnostic equipment

Air, pressure and temperature sensors

The code Description
P0100 – P0103 The on-board computer of the car reports a defect in the operation of the air flow sensor, or in the operation of the electrical circuit of the device.
P0105 – P0108 The BC detected a malfunction in the functioning of the air pressure measuring device – a sensor replacement is necessary.
P0110 – P0113 Defects were detected in the operation of the intake air temperature control device.
P0115 – P0118 The antifreeze temperature sensor in the cooling system is malfunctioning or malfunctioning – for correct operation, the device must be replaced.
P0120 – P0123 Incorrect operation of one of the throttle position sensors was registered; to eliminate the error, it is necessary to replace the element.
P0130 – P0166 The vehicle system has fixed a malfunction or an incorrect signal from one of the oxygen signal sensors – incorrect information about the state of the system may be received on the car dashboard. To eliminate the malfunction, the oxygen sensor must be replaced. You should also diagnose the electrical circuit.
P0167 The vehicle’s on-board computer reports an incorrect operation of the heating component of the oxygen sensor.
P0171, P0172 Incorrect air suction operation (too poor or too rich mixture is recorded in the system).
P0176 – P0179 BC informs the car owner about the malfunctioning or failure of the emission sensor. There is also the possibility of an incorrect signal, which requires an electrical circuit check.
P0180 – P0181 The on-board computer has detected a malfunction in the fuel control device or the signal from the sensor is incorrect. It is necessary to make replacement of the component , and also check the chain .
P0182 – P0188 The BMW system reports that the fuel temperature sensor signal is too low or too high, or the signal from the device is out of range.
P0190 This code indicates a malfunction in the circuit of the diesel pressure control device in the ramp.
P0191 – P0194 Incorrect signals are detected in the circuit of the fuel rail pressure control device. Circuit diagnostics should be performed or the sensor replaced .
P0195 Indicates defects in the operation of the circuit of the temperature control component of the engine fluid in the system.
P0196 The signal from the temperature sensor for the engine fluid is incorrect. A more thorough diagnosis of the sensor should be made .
P0197 – P0199 Defects in the operation of the temperature control element of the lubricant in the motor are fixed. It is necessary to make replacement of the component .
P0450 – P0455 A malfunction was detected in the system in the operation of the diesel vapor pressure control device.
P0460 – P0464 One of these combinations indicates a malfunction in the device for monitoring the level of diesel fuel. In particular, it can be a question of either an overestimated or underestimated signal from a component, or its breakdown. It test circuit and with the need to produce a replacement sensor .
P0465 – P0469 The system informs the car owner about any defects in the operation of the purge air flow control device. Here, we can also talk about incorrect signals from the sensor, as well as a malfunction in the operation of the device. Therefore, a circuit diagnosis should be made and, if necessary, the sensor replaced.
P0470 – P0474 The appearance of one of these combinations of numbers when checking a car can indicate a defect in the operation of the exhaust gas control device, as well as an incorrect signal from this sensor.
P0475 The valve for the exhaust pressure sensor is out of order. It is necessary to replace the item .
P0385 – P0386 Incorrect operation of the crankshaft position sensor is reported . Also should replace the component .
P0404 – P0408 BC recorded a malfunction in the operation of the first or second sensor of the exhaust gas circulation system. A more thorough diagnosis of the element should be made and, if necessary, replaced.
P0220 Defective operation of the second throttle position control device.
P0222 – P0224 There is an inaccuracy in the operation of the second throttle sensor: the signal coming from this element is too low or excessively high.
P0225 – P0229 Inaccuracies in the functioning of the third throttle sensor – you should check the device and, if necessary, replace it with a new one.

Electrical circuit

The code Description
P0201 – P0212 BC reports a malfunction in the electrical circuit control 1-12 nozzles. It is necessary to check the circuit .
P0213, P0214 Defects or incorrect signals are detected in the control circuit of the first or second engine cold start injector.
P0216 BC recorded errors in the operation of the injection time control circuit.
P0261 – P0296 The on-board computer of the car detects an open in the circuit, defects in the driver or a short circuit of the cylinder nozzle to the ground.
P0300 – P0312 The system reports the detection of single or regular misfire in the cylinders. Here, a defect can be observed in any of the twelve cylinders .
P0320 This code indicates defects in the operation of the ignition distributor circuit.
P0321 – P0323 When this code occurs, the BC detects incorrect signals in the ignition distributor circuit. The signal can be either too low or too high. In addition, it may be absent or out of range. In this case , a circuit check is recommended .
P0350 – P0362 Fixed a malfunction in the circuit or a defect in the operation of the ignition coil. Verification of all twelve ignition coils is required .
P0560 – P0563 Incorrect voltage in the system power supply: can be either too low or excessively high. Additional diagnostics of the system power circuit are required .
P0565 – P0566 If one of these two codes appears, a cruise control circuit diagnosis is required because the circuit signal is incorrect.
P1140 Invalid load circuit signal, more thorough check required.
P0325 – P0334 The appearance of these codes during vehicle diagnostics indicates the presence of errors in the operation of the circuit of the first or second knock sensor. In particular, the signal may be out of range, or too low or too high. It is necessary to test circuit sensor detonation .
P0337 – P0339 The appearance of this combination of numbers on the laptop screen when checking the car indicates a short circuit or an incorrect signal in the crankshaft position sensor circuit. It should check circuit and replace the device .
P0340 – P0344 Fixed malfunctions in the functioning of the camshaft sensor circuit. As in the previous case, the circuit must be checked or the component replaced.
P0476 – P0479 The on-board computer reports a malfunction in the circuit of the exhaust gas pressure monitor. In particular, the signal from the sensor may be out of range. It may also be too high or too low. It is necessary to more thoroughly check the components of the electrical circuit.
P0480 Defects in the functioning of the control circuit of the relay by the cooling fan are fixed. The circuit should be checked or the fan replaced for more correct operation.
P0500 – P0503 There is no signal from the vehicle speed sensor. You can try to replace the device itself or check the entire circuit.
P1509 There were problems in the operation of the electrical control circuit of the idle control device.
P1513 If this combination appears during a BMW diagnosis , check the idle speed control circuit for malfunctions. Code R1513 indicates a fault chain on the ground .
P1514 There is a problem with the idle sensor control circuit. In particular , the BC recorded an open circuit .
P1541 An interruption in the electrical control circuit of the relay for the gasoline pump is reported. For correct operation, it is necessary to identify in which place a break occurred and eliminate it.
P1570 This combination indicates an open circuit of the immobilizer circuit .
P1600 Lost communication with immobilizer device .
P1602 BC reports the loss of signal from the controller.
P0389 Incorrect operation of the electric circuit of the second crankshaft position sensor is noticed.
P0400 – P0403 One of these combinations of numbers indicates a malfunction in the circuit of the exhaust gas circulation system.
P0221 There are defects in the electrical circuit of the second throttle sensor. In particular, the signal from this component is inaccurate because it is out of range.
P0230 There are errors in the gas pump control circuit . If this malfunction is actually present in the auto system, then starting the engine is impossible. This combination is most often found in vehicles BMW e46.


The code Description
P0217 This code indicates that the BMW motor is overheating , that is, boiling coolant in the system for some reason. First of all, it is necessary to check the quality of antifreeze, the operation of the thermostat, as well as the radiator cooling fan.
P0218 This combination indicates overheating of the transmission system. First of all, check the gear oil level.
P1501, P1502 A failure of the fuel pump relay has been reported. A short circuit may also occur. If this combination appears, the fuel pump may not work, as a result of which the start of the car engine may not be possible. It is necessary to replace the relay .
P0231 – P0233 The signal of the secondary circuit of the fuel pump is incorrect .
P0243 – P0246 Defects have arisen in the functioning of the exhaust gas shutter solenoid of the first turbine. The solenoid is either always closed or open. An incorrect signal from a component may also be transmitted.
P0247 – P0250 Incorrect operation of the exhaust solenoid of the second turbine. As in the previous case, the component is either always closed, or always open, or the wrong signal comes from it.
P0380 – P0381 Failure of all or one of the glow plugs.
P0442 A leak has occurred in the fuel vapor fixation system.
P0443 – P0445 Defects have occurred in the functioning of the purge valve of the system or the fixation of fuel vapor.
P0446 – P0448 The air valve is out of order.
P0173 There was a fuel leak from the BC fuel system.
2a82 Code 2a82 is one of the most common. 2a82, as a rule, occurs when the vehicle begins to adjust , periodically twitching at a set of revolutions. Code 2a82 indicates the need to replace or clean the vanos solenoid valves . If this failure is not corrected in time, then the operation of the vehicle may not be possible.


The presented decryption of codes and their translation is only part of all errors that may arise during the diagnosis process. If you find a breakdown and have replaced one or another part, you must disconnect and reconnect the battery terminals. If you do not, then the error may reappear on the display screen. Disconnecting the battery terminals is a kind of reboot on-board computer system, so do not forget about it.