BMW 325e 318i 1984 Electrical Troubleshooting Manual

1984 BMW 325e/318i electrical wiring diagrams, pin assignments, component locations, connector views, functional descriptions, electrical troubleshooting manual BMW 325e / 318i

The purpose of this manual Is to show electrical schematics in a manner that makes electrical troubleshooting easier Electrical components which work together are shown together on one schematic. The Wiper-Washer schematic, for example, shows all of the electrical components in one diagram. At the top of the page is the fuse (positive) that powers the circuit. The flow of current is shown through all wires, connectors, switches, and motors to ground (negative) at the bottom of the page

Within the schematic, all switches and sensors are shown “at rest.” as though the Ignition Switch were off For identification, component names are underlined and placed next to or above each component. Notes are included, describing how switches and other components work.

The power distribution schematic shows the current feed through all the connections from the Battery and Alternator to each fuse and the Ignition and Light Switches If the Power Distribution schematic is combined with any other circuit schematic, a complete picture is made of how that circuit works The Ground Distribution schematics show how several circuits are connected to common grounds.

All wiring between components is shown exactly as it exists in the vehicle; however, the wiring is not drawn to scale. To aid in understanding electrical operation, wiring inside complicated components has been simplified The “Solid State” label designates electronic components


  • How To Use This Manual
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  • Wire Size Conversion Chart
  • Systematic Troubleshooting
  • Section A: 325e Schematic Diagrams
  • 325e Index
  • 325e Schematic Diagrams
  • Section B: 318i Schematic Diagrams
  • 318i Index
  • 318i Schematic Diagrams
  • Section C: Component Locations

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Pages: 139

BMW 325e 318i 1984 Electrical Troubleshooting Manual