BMW 3 series E21 Workshop manual

This workshop manual is intended to ensure that the necessary maintenance and repair work is done in the correct manner. The manual should be used by workshop managers and mechanics to supplement the practical and theoretical knowledge they have acquired at our service training school.

Specifications are provided at the beginning of each main group.

The specifications apply to standard cars that have not been involved in an accident or modified after leaving the factory.

The group system applied in this manual is taken from our flat rate manual. For example, page 32-21/6 means:
32 main group
-21 sub-group
-6 page in sub-group

The special tools required for proper repair work are listed on our special tool microfilm – Order No. 01 99 9 699 422. How the special tools must be used can be seen from the pictures.
Removal/disassembly is always described for each operation. If installation/assembly is not possible in the reverse order, a “when installing” note has been provided.
Supplements will be issued with both alterations and additions. If the word “alteration” has been printed on the sheet, take out the sheet already provided and insert the new one in its place. Sheets marked “addition” must be added to the existing manual without removing any old sheets.

Apart from the improvements announced by regular bulletins, we recommend that the spare parts lists (microfilms) – which have clear illustrations – are used as an additional source of information.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 911

BMW 3 series E21 Workshop manual