Audi RS2 Avant 1994 Workshop Manual

Edition 03.1994. Assembly and Repair Group Index to Workshop Manual. All the assemblies of the RS2 are listed in the repair group index. The current flow diagrams and repair procedures of the relevant assemblies and repair groups which differ are all described in this manual => Contents. Where the repair procedures are identical reference is made to the relevant assembly of the Audi 80 1992 – and Audi 100 1991 – respectively.

This binder is issued as a loose leaf system.
Revisions and additions appear as supplements; in this case, the relevant pages should then be replaced.


  • Assembly
  • Electrical System
  • Heating, Air Conditioning
  • General Body Work
  • I Body Repairs
  • 6-speed Manual Transmission 01E 4WD
  • Assembly
  • Current Flow Diagrams Avant RS2
  • Running Gear 4WD
  • Repair Group
  • 01 Self-diagnosis j
  • 48 Steering
  • All Other Repair Groups
  • 5-Cyl. Engine (4-valve Turbo) Mechanics
  • Motronic
  • Injection and Ignition System (5-Cylinder)
  • Repair Group
  • 28 Ignition System

Technical information should always be available to all foremen and mechanics because compliance with the instructions given is essential to ensure vehicle road worthiness and safety. In addition, the normal safety precautions to be observed when working on motor vehicles are also applicable.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 79

Audi RS2 Avant 1994 Workshop Manual