Audi A4 Avant 1995 – 2001 Service Repair Manual

The Audi A4 is a compact five-seater that has been assembled by the German company Audi since 1994. The first-generation Audi A4 continues the tradition of the previous four generations of the Audi 80, and like its predecessor, the Audi A4 consists of a longitudinally oriented engine in the front of the car and a longitudinally oriented transmission mounted to the rear of the engine. Torque is distributed either to the front axle or, using Audi’s patented Quattro technology, to both axles by means of a distributive Torsen differential, thus forming all-wheel drive.

Since its launch, the Audi A4 has been available in four generations, based on the Volkswagen Group’s ‘B’ series of car platforms, mostly known by their codes: the initial B5, the subsequent B6B7B8 and the current B9.

Audi A4 is available in two bodies – Saloon, which is a sedan, and Avant – the name used to denote Audi cars with a body type wagon. The second and third generations of the Audi A4 (B6 and B7, respectively) were also produced in a cabriolet body and had the same name “Cabriolet”. However, the generation Audi A4 (B8) has not yet been introduced in the body of the convertible, as the market presents convertible versions of the family models Audi A5 Coupe and Audi S5 Coupe.

Audi has also launched versions of the car with improved A4 performance, including the Audi S4 and the low-availability version with high-performance Audi RS4, which are directly related to the A4 model.


  • Body
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Engine Mechanical
  • Engine AEB
  • Engine AFC
  • Engine AHA
  • Engine APB
  • Engine ATQ
  • Engine ATW
  • Engine AWM
  • Fuel System
  • Heating and AC
  • Maintenance
  • Suspension Wheel and Brakes
  • Transmission

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 9003

Audi A4 Avant 1995 – 2001 Service Repair Manual