Audi A3 1997 Workshop Manual

The  Audi A3 workshop manuals are written very clearly, and even if the reader has never dealt with applied garage work before, then, thanks to the accessible style of presentation and hundreds of good illustrations, he will be able to try his hand and solve the problem that has arisen before him with the help of improvised tools and materials … But since this topic does not tolerate an amateurish approach, experienced auto mechanics wrote this manual for repairing the Audi A3 – people whose rich experience allowed them to create an exhaustive, convenient manual for practising readers.

Audi A3 – compact cars with a hatchback, station wagon (since 2012) and sedan (since 2013), produced by Audi from Volkswagen.


  • Audi A3 Quick reference guide
  • Electrical System
  • General Body Assembly, Interior
  • Maintenance manual

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 610

Audi A3 1997 Workshop Manual