Acura TSX 2004 Interior Lights Wiring Diagram

Acura TSX repair manual, operation and maintenance manuals from 2008, with 2.0 i-VTEC / 2.4 i-VTEC petrol engines.

Acura TSX is a luxury business class car. It combines the most advanced technology and modern design. During its existence, Acura TSX has established itself as a reliable, stylish and comfortable car. But, like all other cars, Acura TSX requires periodic maintenance and repair, which will maintain its reliability. And so you want to be able to do everything yourself, and not to trust your favorite car to someone from the service center. Of course, not very experienced motorist will not always be able to bring his “iron horse” in working condition.

Repair Acura TSX, but in other and repair any car, not so burdensome when you know how to help your pet in a given situation. The Acura TSX repair manual, operation and maintenance manual from 2008, with the 2.0 i-VTEC / 2.4 i-VTEC gasoline engines will help. . Therefore, the Acura service repair manual should always be on hand so that everyone can find answers to their questions.

Acura TSX repair manual contains detailed technical specifications of the main units and systems of the car. The sequence of disassembling and assembling components and assemblies is described operationally, specifying the features of work, safety measures, measuring the necessary parameters and advice to car enthusiasts who prefer self-repair. Employees of car services and repair shops will find in it a lot of useful information that will help to perform correct and quick repair of all car units.

A separate chapter describes all the faults that may arise along the way, as well as how to eliminate them. Given the moments of tightening the main connections, working and repair dimensions of engine parts, complete technical data on various systems of the Acura TSX. The book “Guidelines for the repair and operation of the Acura TSX” provides information on repair:

  • gasoline engines;
  • engine cooling systems, heating, ventilation and air conditioning;
  • exhaust gas supply systems;
  • engine electrical systems;
  • manual gearbox and clutch;
  • automatic transmission;
  • brake system;
  • suspension and steering; onboard electrical equipment.

All information is presented in great detail, accessible language, and is accompanied by a large number of drawings and diagrams.

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 31

Acura TSX 2004 Interior Lights Wiring Diagram