Acura RDX 2007 Service Repair Manuals

Acura RDX 2007 service and repair manuals (including wiring diagrams).

In 2006, the Acura brand, introduced only in the US market, was supplemented with a compact RDX  crossover. Made cars at a factory in Ohio.

Under the hood of the car was a four-cylinder petrol turbo engine of 2.3 liters, developing 243 liters. with., paired with a five-speed “automatic”. A feature of the model was the “advanced” all-wheel drive transmission SH-AWD with transfer case and propeller shaft going to the rear wheels. There is no center or rear differential in this system – instead, on both sides of the rear final drive are powerful multi-plate clutches with an electromagnetic drive that connect each of the two rear wheels individually.

After the restyling of 2009, the Acura RDX model gamma has been replenished with a more affordable front-wheel drive version.

Production of the first generation crossover continued until 2012. In the American market, cars were offered at a price of 33 thousand dollars. Acura RDX has not been officially shipped to Russia.


  • General Information
  • Chassis and Paint Codes
  • Identification Number Locations
  • Danger/Warning/Caution Label Locations
  • Under-hood Emission Control Label
  • Lift and Support Points
  • Towing
  • Parts Marking
  • Precautions for Super Handling
  • All Wheel Drive (SH-AWD) System

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 2700

Acura RDX 2007 Service Repair Manuals