Acura Model Series NSX NSX-T 1995 Body Repair Manual

The Acura NSX repair manual will be useful and interesting both for the user and the car owner, and for the professional who wants to replenish his practical knowledge and skills. High-quality illustrations clearly demonstrate all the provisions mentioned in the text, and you can easily navigate through them to understand the nuances of driving, maintenance or repairs of Acura NSX.

Details set out the features of the Acura, including everything, even minor elements and visual descriptions of their purpose, technical data, rules for managing them. Not without a chapter on the maintenance of these vehicles: the stages of preventive procedures were reviewed, the necessary tools and materials were shown, and a schedule of these procedures was presented. A detailed instruction manual Acura NSX will help the driver to dispel any doubts that may arise in the process of controlling the machine.

The repair manual also includes ACURA NSX wiring diagrams with explanations. In the application section, the instructions for adjusting, diagnosing and repairing all the most important components of an Acura NSX are given. You can study this section in advance, or you can use the information given in it right in the garage or on the road, when there is such a need to fix the car without any problems and calmly continue the journey.

This manual covers the repairs of 1995 model series NSX/NSX-T automobiles that have been involved in accidents, and it describes the work related to the replacement of damaged body parts.
Please read through these instructions and familiarize yourself with them before actually using this manual.

NOTE: Refer to the applicable NSX/NSX-T Service Manual and Supplements for specifications, wire harness locations, safety stand support points, etc.


  • Preparation of Work
  • Aluminum Alloy Repair
  • General Information
  • Replacement
  • Cross Section of Body and Sealants
  • Body Dimensional Drawings
  • Rust-preventive Treatments
  • Paint Repair
  • Body Paint Repair
  • Resin Parts Paint Repair (Exterior)
  • Service Precautions
  • General Safety Precautions

Language: English
Format: PDF
Pages: 238

Acura Model Series NSX NSX-T 1995 Body Repair Manual