Acura MDX 2006 Owner’s Manual

The Acura MDX 2006 Owner’s Manual is an invaluable resource for owners of this versatile and capable SUV. This comprehensive guide provides detailed information on the operation, maintenance, and technical specifications of the car, ensuring that you can enjoy a safe, comfortable, and rewarding driving experience.


This section delves into the essence of the Acura MDX 2006, highlighting its key features and functions. You’ll discover information about the car’s model, its various trim levels, and the design elements that shape its spacious interior and rugged exterior.


This section equips you with the knowledge and instructions necessary to operate your Acura MDX 2006 with confidence. You’ll learn how to start the engine, navigate different terrains with ease, and utilize the various functions and systems that enhance your driving experience. From mastering the onboard computer to adjusting the climate control and exploring the capabilities of the audio system, this section empowers you to fully embrace the technological advancements of your vehicle.


Maintaining your Acura MDX 2006 in optimal condition is crucial for ensuring its longevity and performance. This section provides a comprehensive guide to scheduled maintenance, outlining the recommended intervals for replacing consumables such as oil, filters, and spark plugs. Additionally, you’ll find clear instructions on diagnosing and troubleshooting potential issues, empowering you to address minor concerns before they escalate into major problems.

Technical Specifications

This section delves into the intricate details of your Acura MDX 2006, providing detailed information about its engine, transmission, suspension, braking system, and other crucial components. You’ll discover the engine’s power output, the fuel tank capacity, the wheel size, and a multitude of other technical specifications that define the car’s performance and capabilities.


This section outlines Acura’s warranty obligations, ensuring that you are aware of the coverage and support provided by the manufacturer. You’ll find information on the warranty period, its terms and conditions, and the process for contacting a service center for warranty-related assistance.

Additional Resources

Beyond the owner’s manual, numerous resources are available to enhance your understanding and enjoyment of your Acura MDX 2006. YouTube videos (link) offer visual demonstrations and tutorials, further enriching your ownership experience.

With the Acura MDX 2006 Owner’s Manual as your guide and these additional resources at your fingertips, you are well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of your vehicle and maximize its potential. Embrace the journey of ownership and enjoy the versatility, comfort, and performance that the Acura MDX 2006 has to offer.

Viewing the Owner’s Manual

To access the full text of the Acura MDX 2006 Owner’s Manual, you can follow this link: Acura MDX 2006 Owner’s Manual

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Format: PDF